Tim Baute from INTERROR.BE was born in 1980 in Beernem (Belgium). He grew up in the metal workshop of his father, where he created the urge to design ‘something’. With lots of machinery and materials available, he got the chance to experiment as much as he wanted to. After several years of working as a welder to gain production skills, he decided to develop his creativity by studying interior design at Sint Lucas in Ghent and furniture design at the KHM Mechelen. Since 2010, Baute has launched his own design label INTERROR.BE.


Tim Baute’s approach to his work focuses on concept and form, and encompasses respect for material, environment and function. With the Stealth collection (desklamp, wall light and shelf), inspired by Stealth planes, he created pure functional products where form and concept become one.


Stefaan De Croock aka Strook lives and works in Bruges (Belgium). He graduates as master in fine arts (graphic design) @ Sint-Lucas in Ghent. Recently he quit his daytime job as Art Director to go full-time with Strook. His job and training as a graphic designer put a clear mark on his artistic activities.


His drawing technique? A fast succession of lines and figures, leaning towards automatic drawing. Stefaan draws some basic lines first, without a sketch, every drawing starts with a little performance/action. Within these lines, he then creates loads of different dimensions. Dozens of story lines, fighting for the attention of the viewer. Yet the big composition holds ground. 'More and more, we are dictated by technology. That intrigues me. And so do the cities we live in. It's a maze of technology and urban structures.


My drawings and murals are populated by those urban influences, but I combine them with organic forms and lines. My drawings are a combination of improvisation and construction. Spontaneity is very important in my work'

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